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Kevin Hartman Annual Kids Fishing Derby

It was a beautiful day for the Kevin Hartman Annual Fishing derby.  This year 70 children enjoyed the event.  Thanks to bingo funding we were able to give each child a goodie bag, a club hat and supply lunch after their morning of fishing.

For the past 25 year, The Hartman family has donated 1st and 2nd place trophies along with a fishing rod for each winner.  Bill Hartman presented the first prize to Adrian Italia for his catch of 1 pound even and 2nd place to Kinsley Linkson for her 9 oz catch.


Stevensville Pallet donated wooden fish cutouts (they were so cute) for 3rd prize awarded to Hayden Grelowski and the cutest smile to Eli Troldue.


27 children weighed in fish this year and one young man caught 6.

Thank you to Canadian Tire Fort Erie,  Canadian Tire Port Colborne and Calvin Manley, Stevensville Pallet Project and The Hartman family for their donations!

A big thank you goes out to all our volunteers for all they did to make this day a huge success!!

 A special thanks to Bob Jackson, Event Co-Ordinator 

100% funded with monies raised through our volunteer work at Delta Bingo & Gaming Fort Erie

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